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Music Industry Blog

Today I have published the latest Music Industry Blog report:  ‘The Music Format Bill Of Rights: A Manifesto for the Next Generation of Music Products’.  The report is currently available free of charge to Music Industry Blog subscribers.  To subscribe to this blog and to receive a copy of the report simply add your email address to the ‘EMAIL SUBSCRIPTION’ box to left.

Here are a few highlights of the report:


The music industry is in dire need of a genuine successor to the CD, and the download is not it. The current debates over access versus ownership and of streaming services hurting download sales ring true because a stream is a decent like-for-like replacement for a download.  The premium product needs to be much more than a mere download.  It needs dramatically reinventing for the digital age, built around four fundamental and inalienable principles of…

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Music: The World’s Worst Investment?



Music: The World’s Worst Investment… And How You Can Get In On It!.

“Living the dream”



Struggling but \.

Well… i was at “wanna play by NAMM” website and they have this section where you can write your story… cool reading from other people’s experiences… so here’s mine…



Les Claypool interview. No

I like this part…
and now i’ll sit down and practice my bass thinking… what is success?

“…people ask me about success, and how do you become successful and this and that, but first of all you have to define “what is success?” Is success having the biggest bank account in the world? Is success being on television? Is success screwing as many women as you possibly can?” -Les Claypool

Elecciones presidenciales en Octubre 2011 en Argentina…
Para recordar un poquito los nombres, los homres y mujeres que nos cagaron la existencia…
Para no olvidarse de lo jodidos que nos dejaron, de las traiciones, de las habladurias, y sus hipocresias.
Para que frente a la urna, no se te vaya a escapar la tortuga! QUe no te vendan mas mentiras! Para que podamos distinguir los logros de nuestro gobierno.
Este anio no le pifies. Cristina 2011.


>kickstarter is a great tool